Another visit that you can't miss, as this building is a World Heritage Site for a good reason.

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Real Alcázar

An unforgettable place.

You are before a fortress which has been declared as a World Heritage Site, and this is another of the must-visits in the city due to its historical interest and its visual impact. This spectacular set of palaces was ordered by 'Abd-ar-Raman III'. A wall protects and surrounds the palaces, gardens and rooms that make up this set: the Mudejar palace or that of 'Pedro I' (Peter of Castile), and the Gothic palace with its magnificent gardens, which are the essential part of the Alcázar. Among some of the palace gardens that stand out, you'll find the 'Jardines de Mercurio', the 'Jardines del Príncipe' and the 'Jardín de Troya'. The price of general admission is a little less than 9 €, and there's free entry every Monday during April to September from 6pm to 7pm, or every Monday during October to March from 4pm to 5pm. Visit the 'Real Alcázar' and you won't forget it!

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