Defensive in spirit, this tower is visible from some streets in the city.

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Torre de Don Fadrique

The convent tower.

The 'Torre de Don Fadrique' has a Gothic-Romanesque style and was built in 1252 by order of Prince Don Fadrique. You'll surely come across this tower when you're walking around the city. It's located in the patio of the 'Convento de Santa Clara' (the Monastery of Santa Clara), at number 30 on the street named 'Santa Clara', to be exact. The tower measures around 65 metres tall and it was used as a defence like the majority of towers. It's mainly made out of brick, although it does have several elements that were carved in stone like the stone blocks of the ground floor or the truncated arches. You'll see that the second floor has a more Romanesque style (this may be noticed by the design of its windows), and that its third level is more Gothic-looking. If you love architecture, don't miss this tower!

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