A place of pilgrimage for collectors. The city's best prices. A pity that it is only organised on extremely rare occasions!

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Antiques in San Maurizio

Antiques in San Maurizio

You will love visiting this market if you are a fan of antiques; however you should note that it only appears on rare occasions. For a few days spread throughout the year, the Campo San Maurizio is host to one of the most striking markets in Venice. Between St. Mark's Square and the Campo Santo Stefano, this Mercatino dell'antiquariato is a true place of pilgrimage for collectors. One reason for this is the low price of the majority of the items to be found here. In any other market, though you might find similar pieces, the price tends to be higher. If you are nearby, it doesn't matter even if you don't want to buy anything, it's enough to pass by and look. The intrigue of these products attracts both buyers and passers-by. Even among the old books, weapons, household utensils or clothes, you are sure to see more than one thing that will grab your attention. Despite not being the only working market of its kind, this one is special due to the large quantity of objects, some several centuries old, that can be found there. If, by chance you can drop by, it is a truly special place from which to take home a souvenir of the city.

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