All types of fish and seafood: with rice, pasta or in a soup. Delicious in any case, check it out!

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Fishmonger tradition.

This seafaring city is one of the cradles of gastronomy with a fishmonger tradition. Where or not you’re a lover of this, you have to try their fish and seafood. First, it is caught in the Adriatic Sea and its rivers and lakes; secondly, it usually comes from the open sea. Shortly after arriving in the city, you will realise that this genre of gastronomy is present in all possible varieties of eating in the area. From the antipasti up to the savouries, which is a very common way of eating quickly and lightly. Apart from dishes with whole fish, there are three ways to approach a meal if you are not particularly fond of fish or seafood. Whether with rice, pasta or soup, when you stop to eat be sure to try it at least once. One way of getting to know this cuisine is closer to the fish market near the Rialto Bridge. Around this area, there are several places specialising in fish savouries that are worth it. Here, you can go from one to another in the squares and order a savoury and some wine to consume out on the street. Another particular alternative is closer to L'Osteria di Santa Marina, in the same area, to taste a variety of uncooked fish dishes served there.

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