Cannaregio, Castello, Santa Marta ... A real horde of markets! You won't know which one to visit!

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Food markets.

A great tradition.

One activity that will bring you much closer to the city is going shopping on one of its markets. The historical city, which even now keeps this tradition very much alive, is a perfect place to try the country's natural products. Its rich food culture is one of its most popular features and the opportunity to buy from one of its markets arises on a daily basis. Apart from the most representative market, the Rialto market, you will be be able to find others that are equally worth visiting in Cannaregio or Castello. Small stalls along the city's narrow streets or squares are also common. Every Monday in Santa Marta, in the southeast corner of the city, you will find a farmer's market where you can deal directly with the farmers that sell their products. Here you will find meat, cheeses and vegetables of a quality that is difficult to find elsewhere. A little further north, in Santa Croce, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays in the morning, there is the market dell'Altraeconomia. A market specialised in local, organic, fair-trade products, where you will find fruit, vegetables, wines and cheeses, as well as a place to buy medicinal plants and handmade clothing.

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