Even though nowadays it is a luxury, to be in Venice and not go for a gondola ride seems like a sin, doesn't it?

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Gondola rides

O sole mio!

The gondola is, undoubtedly, the most emblematic image of the city. It came about as a way to quickly move around the canals; however, nowadays it has become a luxury activity, leaving to one side its usefulness as a means of transport. For a ride along the Grand Canal, you can head to three points of the Centre They leave from San Marco, the Rialto Bridge and the train station. When you arrive at one of these points, simply look for the group of gondoliers with their famous shirts to organise a trip. At night, trips become somewhat more romantic when accompanied by the famous gondoliers' serenades. As an economic alternative to the high price of the above forms, there are the traghetti. These less showy gondolas are handled by two drivers and they cross from one side of the Grand Canal to the other. They do this, logically, in areas where there are no bridges. To find these boats, you have to look at the yellow plaques that indicate the street name. You will see that an arrow points to a gondola. Following these signs, they will guide you to a traguetti mooring point.

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