Are you brave? You will discover the darker side of Venice on an unusual tour, accompanied by chilling stories. Brrrr!

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Hidden Venice

Hidden Venice.

If you want a different getaway at night in Venice, this little tour might be worth your while. Though Venetian nights tend to be seen as romantic, Venice hides a much darker side. Leaving from the Rialto Bridge towards the north, there is a tour of the lesser-known parts of the city. In the meantime, the guide recites an endless list of the grimmest stories. From ghost legends to popular crimes, your perception of the city will change drastically as, amongst the labyrinth of small streets, you begin to feel a sensation of total abandonment. In addition to the accompanying tales, this trip is unique due to the architectural relics that it passes. Upon passing The Street of Murderers , the guide continues to talk about the murders that were committed here. Later you will pass through one of the few secret passageways that remain in the city, used by residents of the palazzos to flee from the authorities. For an hour and a half, you live a unique experience that is fun for people of all ages. This can only be enjoyed in Italian or English.

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