Fresh delicacies for the most refined gourmet palates: Italian ice cream! Look for the handmade variety!

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Ice-cream shops

A scoop of cream and chocolate please!

Even if you’re not very fond of it, it will be difficult to pass through Venice without trying one of its ice creams, another of the gastronomic strengths that distinguishes it from other areas of the country. But with a gelateria, there are some things that should be taken into account. The first is that the site should attract your attention instantly, because the ice cream on offer is usually a real spectacle. Second, be sure that it's one of the best places to try different flavours, because there are different types from the least well-known to those of the Veneto area itself. But take a look at the prices, because if they are too low this may mean that they are not homemade. On the other hand, the most famous ice cream shops are in St Mark’s Square, but the prices are high. But from here, it’s not difficult to find several places. Some of the most popular are Paolin in Campo Santo Stefano or Il Doge in Campo Santa Margherita. If you really look, you can find some lesser-known but high quality places like La Boutique del Gelato to the east of the Rialto Bridge or Groom in Campo San Barnaba.

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