Shopping and more shopping. Quality and variety in the most commercial streets of Venice.

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La Mercerie

The city's best shop windows.

For a day of shopping in the city, the starting point is very clear. cf cf From St. Mark's Square, a series of commercial streets called cf cf merceries cf cf connect the square with the Rialto area. cf cf Walking along the narrow side streets can take quite some time with all the shop windows attracting your attention. This area boasts the highest quality the city has to offer in any material. Whether you are looking for clothes or handicrafts, you can rest assured that you can find what you're looking for here. cf cf To enter, the best way to set off from the cf cf mercerie dell'orologio cf cf , which starts by passing under the Clock Tower in the square. cf cf Once inside, wander around linking up with the merceries of San Giuliano and San Salvador. You can also explore the parallel street dei Fabbri, which tends to be less crowded. On both streets, you will primarily find shops of haute couture and accessories, perfume shops, handicrafts and pieces of glassware. It's worth the trip even if you don't come to buy, as the atmosphere of the area and the look of its old, narrow streets is always entertaining.

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