Sliced pizza, to take away

Venice is proud of its sliced pizza and dares to say it is the best ... what do you think?

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Sliced pizza, to take away

The best pizza?

Pizza is possibly the most famous food in this country. But Venice is particularly proud to have a unique pizza compared with other cities in Italy and all those who try it say that here is where you eat the best pizza. To try it, don’t waste time and sit down to eat, because the most common way is to buy a slice to take away. Besides being practical, it is one of the cheapest and most typical meals. Sliced pizza is a perfect way to eat if you have a day full of things to do. If you’re walking around the San Polo district, the small Antico Forno near the Grand Canal is the best choice in the area. To the north, in Terra San Leonardo, there’s a pizzeria called L'Angolo which is somewhat hidden and is a favourite of the Venetians. These are just some, but while walking you can be assured that you'll run into a pizzeria anywhere. So don’t worry about looking, because what will really cost you is choose from the varieties that fill the shelves.

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