Believe it or not, you will not be bored: glass factories, the Glass Museum and interesting churches to explore.

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The Island of Murano

Famous Murano glass.

Here you can find one of the small gems hidden by the Laguna Veneta . This island, situated to the north beyond the Island of San Michele, is an ideal option for anyone looking for peace and quiet and an interesting walk. Once there, there are three things that we have to do. The first thing, is to visit one of the glass factories which represent the island's fundamental base. Despite what many people think, this visit will be more interesting than you might expect. Given that the island is the birthplace of glass-making from the thirteenth century, both the technique that has been developed and the history are truly impressive. After seeing the glass blowing in the factories, if your curiosity has been peaked, the Glass Museum is well worth the visit for its historical pieces. From chalices and phoenician bottles to chandeliers weighing more than three hundred kilos. Later, after your visit, you can pass by the churches of Santa María, San Donato and San Pedro Mártir. The first is believed to contain the bones of the dragon that killed San Donato and the second contains works by Tintoretto and Varonese. Between the two, don't miss walking the small streets of the island to see the many adorning sculptures.

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