You will find calm and a lot of history on this small Venetian lagoon island.

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A historical island.

The choice of unconditional history lovers can be found between the islands of the Venetian lagoon. On the other hand, nowhere else will you find such peace and quiet as here. If you're looking for one of these two, you can take a trip by vaporetto on the lagoon for about an hour. This island was the first place to be occupied throughout the whole lagoon after the fall of the Roman Empire. Here it grew until the sixteenth century, when the population began to move towards the Venice area. Today, the place provides a small walk lined with historical vestiges. The first place that should be visited is the Cathedral of Santa María of the Assumption. When in front of the Cathedral, take a moment to observe it. After seeing the churches of Venice, it doesn't seem so great, despite its size; however, don't be fooled, you are standing in front of the oldest of all of them by fourteen centuries. Having visited the Cathedral and having seen its impressive mosaics, we can move on to the neighbouring Byzantine church of Santa Fosca. From here, you are sure to have a pleasant walk in any direction but if you want a little more history, you can visit the Estuary Museum which details the archaeological legacy of the island.

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