A central place in which to unwind after a long day. Tasty traditional food in the most pleasant of environments.

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Trattoria Antica Sacrestia

Intimate and quiet dinners.

A perfect place if you want a dinner in peace and not too far to walk if you're in the centre of town. To get to it from St Mark’s Square, head east through the Castelo neighbourhood, look for the street called Sacrestia and it’s just a few steps away. On entering, all it takes is a quick glance to find the food that awaits you. You’ll see that the walls are literally teeming with traditional Venetian paintings, from portraits to landscapes. This, coupled with its wooden pillars and lanterns that shed a dim light on the dining room, will give you a nice intimate tone to the evening. And the same is true of the food; the menu consists of a long series of traditional dishes that have the reputation of never being disappointing. From pasta to fish, through different types of cheese and meat, here's a perfect place to start tasting the cuisine of the city. To accompany the meal, the place lives up to its reputation with a list of various quality wines. But the most interesting aspect, despite its touristy location, is a clientele that is usually balanced between residents and visitors, because it is popular for its value for money.

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