The masks are a renowned symbol of Venice. In La bottega dei mascareri you will see the eagerness to preserve this art form.

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Venetian masks

Venetian masks.

The masks are, quite possibly, the greates icon of this city and their origin is one of the most curious tales the entire continent. Though now they only represent the Carnival of Venice, their use goes back to the XIII century. Historically, concealing one's identity was a regular part of various activities. Being a city of traders and due to its small size, many times it was advisable to hide one's face, given that it was not always desirable to know who was dealing with who. Little by little, they began to play a social role by providing all citizens with an equal voice. However, over time they became a breeding ground for the realization of less pleasant activities. Due to increases criminal activities, their use was limited to certain dates or celebrations. Nowadays, however, they are one of the most popular souvenirs and they can be found all over the city, both in souvenir shops and in authentic handicraft shops. La bottega dei mascareri nex to the Rialto, is one of those shops that seeks to preserve the profession of mascareri. What's more, on any particular walk through the centre, it is impossible not to encounter a mask somewhere.

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