Esteemed by locals for the Dominican religious order's efforts to improve Spanish treatment of the islands' peoples.

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Convent of the Dominicans

Key bastion of a key religious order.

One of the most active Catholic religious orders in the colony established by Spain in the 15th century, the Dominicans opened missions all over the island to advance their work of evangelisation, and as it happens, they were also the first colonial organisation to denounce abuse and mistreatment of the pre-Columbian peoples at the hands of some Spaniards – one reason why many Dominicans to this day have a certain fondness for the order and for this monastery, which when it was constructed was on the outskirts of town. Also of note inside is a pair of sculptures commemorating two seminal figures: educator and poet Salomé Ureña and Eugenio María de Hostós, one of those responsible for Santo Domingo’s first educational institution.

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