The best place in the country for this quintessential Dominican dish.

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Habichuelas Guisadas, the National Dish

So Dominican they call it 'the national flag'.

Dominicans consider this red-pinto-bean stew, made with onions, spices, and sometimes meat, and served with white rice, so typical that it is widely referred to as la bandera nacional (the national flag). A particularly good place for habichuelas guisadas is the town of Jamao al Norte, on the north coast east of Puerto Plata, with a number of eateries that do this dish especially well. One of them is Rancho La Cumbre, on the road between Jamao and the nearby town of Moca, which has long specialised in this and other traditional dishes. Wherever you sample it, however, it’s a tasty way in to the world of Dominican cookery.

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