Casa de la Cultura - Núcleo de Guayas (House of Culture)

Cultural centre that boasts a film library, a ballet school, a theatre company, its own choir and a library.

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Casa de la Cultura - Núcleo de Guayas (House of Culture)

Long live art and culture.

This cultural centre emerged in the 1940's from the Ecuadorian literary and artistic movement, with the mysterious objective of "untangling the roots of our fate" and "ennobling and rectifying the destiny of the motherland", in the words of the writer Manuel Benjamín Carrión. What you will find today in the Núcleo de Guayas is an interesting collection of objects, pieces of precious metal work and historic documents in its museum which portray the social and cultural life of Guayaquil. It also houses a small film library which projected its first film on the 4th July 1945 for the educated people of the time. The Casa de Cultura continues with its objective of spreading and educating through art, which is why amongst its activities the highlights are its ballet school, theatre group and there is even a Guayaquilean choir. Curiously, its library has been formed from the donations of the citizens themselves, seeing as though the original stocks were lost in a fire in 1951.

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