In the Cerro del Carmen and after climbing the so-called Vía Crucis, you will find the Sagrado Corazón de Jesús statue

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Cerro del Carmen

Get ready to climb 200 steps

In order to visit the sculptural work of the Italian artist Renzo Michelucci, the Sagrado Corazón de Jesús statue, you need to be devoted, have good physical strength and a bottle of water. The sculpture, which is 26 metres in height, has been at the top of the Cerro del Carmen since 1973. And to reach the monument you have to climb up the renown Vía Crucis: nearly 200 sloping steps and with 15 stops that recall Christian tradition and passion. The Cerro del Carmen redevelopment project includes the gradual installation of toilet facilities at the top, improving the lighting along the road and food and drink stands for the penitents who make the climb due to some vow or the tourists that wish to enjoy the views of the city. Although measures have been taken to improve safety, locals don't recommend climbing the hill after nightfall.

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