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Hacienda Cañas

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For inquisitive people and chocolate lovers, Guayaquil has the perfect plan: The Ruta del Cacao or Cocoa Route organised by Hacienda Cañas, situated at only 75 kilometres from the city, in the Naranjal Canton. It is an estate with an expanse of over 500 hectares that has maintained the structure of colonial cocoa plantation -among other products- and allows the visitor to learn about the whole production process. The Hacienda Cañas combines traditional cultivation from the beginning of the 20th century with modern contemporary techniques in order to offer the final product which is a symbol of the country's exports. However, not only will they teach you the growth processes of the cocoa plant in the nursery: they also have one of the largest plantations of Ecuadorian banana plants. On top of this gastronomic-cultural visit, the Hacienda also offers traditional folk shows -reserve in advance - and activities in an exceptional setting with horse riding routes, hiking, breaks beside the river and accommodation in agritourism cabins.

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