Instituto Oceanográfico de la Armada (Armada Oceanographic Institute)

Oceanographic Institute and Planetarium. A union that will please you, like entering the worlds of Jules Verne.

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Instituto Oceanográfico de la Armada (Armada Oceanographic Institute)

Twenty thousand leagues under the sea.

Interestingly, the Planetarium in Guayaquil is run by the Instituto Oceanográfico de la Armada (Naval Oceanografic Institute) which is why a visit to the cultural complex combines the study of the galaxies and the seas as if it were an open book by Jules Verne. The institute, situated in the Southern Naval Base of the seafront promenade, has its beginning in the French Geodesic Mission that in the 18th century came with the objective of measuring the southern arch of the planet. However, until the 1970's the institute wasn't officially approved for the oceanographic and cartographic research that it carries out today. Amongst its tourist activities, the visit to the Orión Ship stands out (if it is not on its way to the Antartica), workshops in the School of Hydrography and the Naval Planetarium. In the planetarium, you can find everything from children's programmes on the origin of the planet to conferences on constellations that you will later be able to identify in the firmament and learn about their mythological stories.

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