Entertaining market where you can get lost and take the opportunity to make a purchase

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La Bahía – Pichincha

Street market where you have to haggle

If your budget for going shopping -above all for clothes and electronic goods- is tight, you should visit the market that takes place in several streets in the La Bahía district, from the Malecón Simón Bolívar to Chimborazo, to locate it on the map. Once there, you will only need some patience and some cash because many of the shops do not accept credit cards. You are allowed to haggle and no one is tricking you if they show you brands at prices two times cheaper. Buying pirated CDs is illegal but they sell hundreds here every day. This place has, on occasion, been referred to as "faker's paradise" but it is so accepted and integrated into the system of selling that you can spend a morning walking through the throng of street stalls and little stallholders to take in the atmosphere and the offers. If the locals carry out the majority of their shopping here, there must be a reason for it.

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