For sports people and nature lovers, a stroll here will give you a break from the urban chaos of the city. You will like it.

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Malecón del Estero Salado

A natural suggestion.

The stroll down by the banks of the Guayas river is really made for sporty people and nature lovers, offering you surprises with every step you take along the promenade. What years ago was a dilapidated shanty town with waste being poured into the river with no control, today is an ecologically sustainable space, with the construction of new houses for the inhabitants that had taken land by the river with unsanitary conditions. Amongst the activities that you will be able to carry out on the Malecón del Estero Salado are bike rides, use the viewpoint for watching indigenous birds - amongst them you will find herons, curlews and cormorants - and water sports, although there are not any establishments for hiring equipment. If you are passing through Guayaquil and you don't have a canoe or a kayak, you can still watch the competitions between the locals. However, it is still worth walking through the recovered mangrove swamp as it is an exotic alternative to the chaos of the city.

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