They do credit to their slogan and offer traditional homemade dishes at outrageously affordable prices. There is no excuse for missing it!

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Menestras del Negro

Made just like at home.

The restaurant chain called Menestras del Negro have a very clear slogan: "made just like at home", and they even suggest that visitors share their mother's and grandmother's recipes in order to put them on the menu that always surprises. It is one of the few fast food restaurants in Guayaquil that doesn't mind putting its prices (extremely good value for the amount of dishes) up on its webpage so you know what choice there is and what you will find on the menu. The churrascos (barbecued meat) are a highlight if you are hungry and the dishes of "menestras" (vegetable stew) are always served with a big enough piece of meat to feed an army. There are individual barbecues or barbecues to share with chicken, pork, beef and fish. These are smaller and cheaper options to the dishes. Interestingly, Menestras del Negro also offers an online takeaway service with your chosen menu and they bring it to your house as long as you are in Guayaquil.

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