In this market, you can view the daily work of the fishermen and have a look at their stalls

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Mercado Caraguay (Caraguay Market)

The fishermen's life

They say that this place is "the market that never sleeps" as its workers - fishermen from the region- do not rest until they have supplied the shops, restaurants and locals that come here to buy the freshest fish and seafood in the city. The Caraguay Market is located to the south of Guayaquil and throughout the evening and night they get the products ready for distribution. From six in the evening to six in the morning the pincers, scales, fish heads jump from the nets to the boxes and from there into the vans. It is not a typical market for tourists and that is where its charm lies if you would like to visit and take photos of a real guayaquilean place. Or you could also wait until the seafood reaches the kitchen of one of the city's restaurants and try a real traditionally cooked dish.

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