Museo de la Música Popular Julio Jaramillo (Julio Jaramillo Museum of Folk Music)

As well as learning about popular music, you can have a beer in an interesting place

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Museo de la Música Popular Julio Jaramillo (Julio Jaramillo Museum of Folk Music)

Culture and leisure united by music

In honour of the "nightingale of America", the singer Julio Jaramillo, the Museo de la Música Popular Guayalquileña was named within the context of the cultural and urban development project of Santa Ana port. The museum is the centre of phonographic conservation since the city's first music school (1892) to the 1960's. Among its interesting features, you will find the first stages of the gramophone and the record player, the "estudiantinas" (student music groups) or groups of music fans that would meet in the street to sing and play, original pianolas from the beginning of the 20th century and the development of radio and local music companies. In the Museo Julio Jaramillo, music courses are also taught - song, guitar and accordion mainly- in the Escuela del Pasillo. You can consult their programme in order to attend a concert of Guayaquilean popular music. One of the main attractions that you cannot miss is the museum's retro-bar with popular music, lots of beer and traditional sandwiches.

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