Given Guayaquil's history, this is one of the museums that you cannot miss

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Museo del Bombero Ecuatoriano

A homage to Guayaquil's heroes

The impact made by the devastating fires that Guayaquil endured in the 19th and 20th centuries, with the majority of its buildings being made of wood, explains why there is a museum dedicated to the fire brigade. This was not about putting out the occasional fire but about saving the city from going up in smoke. At the start, it was made up of volunteers and it didn't become an official organisation until 1835. The visit to the museum explains how they solved problems of water supply to the most remote areas, what uniforms, helmets and transport they used to use in the early days, emergency bells, pumps to extract water and even the original machines that they used to put out the fire of 1902. And all of this in the context of the effort made by the city to survive the fires. The museum also has a section of audiovisual content aimed at children with guides about fire prevention.

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