The truly enormous size of the Columna de los Próceres statue! Thanks to this statue, we enjoy a magnificent park today.

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Parque del Centenario (Centennial Park)

From a sculpture to a park.

What began as a sculptural project to commemorate Guayaquil's independence, at the end of the 19th century, turned into one expropriation after another of the villagers' lands in order to create the park where today you can enjoy a relaxed stroll in between the Greek influenced sculptures. When they wanted to build the Columna de los Próceres statue, they discovered that the square was too small for the size of the sculpture. So they had to claim more land; one thing led to another and they ended up installing the Column, more water fountains, allegorical and mythological statues, imitation Greek gardens and a quaint bandstand where open-air concerts could be held. From this, Centennial Park was born, whose main monument, the Columna de los Próceres (Founding Fathers Column), was entrusted to the Spanish sculptor Agustín Querol, who was in fashion at that time in Europe. Other Spanish artists such as José Montserrat and Juan Rovira were also involved in making the park's sculptures.

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