Bye bye pickpockets, welcome illuminated fountains! If this square had not been renovated in 2003, it would have gone to ruin.

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Plaza Rocafuerte

On the verge of the drift.

The most interesting thing about this square is not just its history - which dates back to the end of the 19th century along with the San Francisco church, as a square that held executions, bullfights and was the scene of patron saint's day celebrations-, but also its stunning redevelopment that was completed in 2003. It seems that the trees and bushes were growing untidily up the four sides of the square, the street sellers didn't help with cleaning up and pickpocketers wererife, all this deterioration meant that the square was a place you passed through and was not a meeting point. The fantastic renovation of Plaza Rocafuerte included a landscaping studio with new trees and gardens, complete renovation of the paving which connects to the surrounding streets and a set of fountains and lights which show off the square in front of the nearby buildings. The sculptural homage to the statesman Vicente Rocafuerte, constructed in 1880, regained its prominence with an illuminated fountain.

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