The phantom sailing boat stands outs every night with its sails and blue and white masts paying homage to the national colours.

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Puente El Velero

The boat-bridge.

It is as if there is a phantom sailing boat because at night in Guayaquil you can take a very special stroll over the illuminated El Velero bridge. It was originally constructed in 1998 but it underwent a radical renovation in lighting in 2005. The sails and masts of this boat-bridge are made from fibre optic cables that shine in electric blue and white shades over the Salado Promenade, these being colours that evoke the flag of Guayaquil. In spite of its beauty at night, pedestrians have complained as the humidity of the river and the rain affect the wood on the bridge's gangway and every now and again it starts to rot which makes it an adventure to cross from one side to the next without standing in a hole or on loose planks. It is worth watching where you tread before crossing this beautiful architectural work although the local authorities have stated that restoration works will involve replacing the wood with another more durable material.

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