A great urban development project that once completed will have turned the port into a truly spectacular area.

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Puerto de Santa Ana (Santa Ana Port)

Coconut Grove.

One of the biggest urban development commitments to recover the golden era of Guayaquil involved the Puerto de Santa Ana (Santa Ana's Port), planned in 2005 and with the completion of its construction still outstanding. The walk from Malecón 2000 will take you to Las Peñas district and from here to the unmistakeable colourful buildings of Santa Ana, which originally wanted to imitate a hotspot of shopping and restaurants like Coconut Grove in Miami. The walk includes a viewpoint for observing the confluence of the Daule and Babahoyo rivers into the great Guayas, children's playgrounds and several museums which have used the original architecture of abandoned buildings and are now restored. In this way, you will discover a restaurant-bar located on the grounds of the Compañía de Cervezas Nacionales (National Beer Company), the Museo Julio Jaramillo (Julio Jaramilo Museum) and 7,500 squared metres that will come to life with the shops, walkways and housing planned for the next stages of the project.

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