Beautiful beaches, dolphin sightings, excellent food...what more could you ask for?

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Puná Island

Feel like Robinson Crusoe on this virgin island

The real adventure to tell on your return from your trip to Guayaquil begins from the Yacht Club Naval quay with the destination being the mysterious Puná Island. The island's surface covers 920 kilometres squared and it is situated an hour away by speedboat from the quay across the Guayas river towards the Gulf of Guayaquil. It is advisable to arrange the time with the boatman, in case the meteorological conditions change the leaving time. Puná Island could be considered very nearly a virgin island which has not been exploited for tourism. It is inhabited by communes that promote ecotourism and respect for their environment. Idyllic beaches, reefs, boat trips to see dolphins and pelicans, horse riding trails, hiking, camping areas and barbecues and so on. If you would like to see really authentic Ecuador, you should think about making this trip. Puná Island, divided into four tourist communes, is prepared with small hostels for the less adventurous and offers exquisite traditional dishes cooked in no less traditional cabins.

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