You'll not only notice its altarpieces and barroque decoration; its relics attract attention, especially if you are a believer.

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Basílica de San Pedro (St. Peter's Church)

An unmistakable mark of the Jesuits.

‘La iglesia y convento de San Pedro’ (St. Peter's Church and Monastery) has an unmistakable mark of the Jesuit community who ordered its construction back in the sixteenth century. Its neoclassic facade conceals the inside of a church that wanted to copy the main architectural pride of the Jesuits of Rome which was named the Church of the Gesù, and to add to the spectacularity, the order also included the purchase of the square that was right in front of the church from where you can admire its view even more. Beyond its beautiful altarpieces and interior of baroque ornamentation, of which many pieces were donated by the aristocracy of the period, the most curious part of this church is its collection of relics. According to what the believers say, the remains of 'la Cruz del Calvario' (The Calvary Cross) and even a thorn of Jesus's crown are buried in 'la Basílica de San Pedro', as well as a collection of ribs, molars, entire skeletons and the bone dust of several saints.

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