Casa Solariega de Aliaga (Aliaga Ancestral Home)

Its furniture from that period and its rooms and staircases take you back to the past, making you feel like Pizarro himself.

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Casa Solariega de Aliaga (Aliaga Ancestral Home)

Generation after generation.

If you want to step on the same ground that the conquerer Pizarro and his companions stepped on, the ‘Casa Solariega de Aliaga’ which belonged to Captain Jerónimo de Aliaga Ramírez from 1535, makes an interesting visit and he was gifted these grounds as a token of appreciation by Pizarro for his work and that of his descendents during the conquest. It's the only example of a home in Latin America which has belonged to the same family for more than five centuries who still live there and have made it available to the public for organized tourist visits and even dinner parties in their restaurant. ‘La Casa Solariega de Aliaga’ surprises you by the eclectism of its architecture, considering that every generation of Aliaga was incorporating ornaments of each century. The large rooms, staircases and furniture of the period make this visit a trip to the past which is not to be missed.

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