You'll feel that you're stepping on holy ground as you walk around the historic centre. The native essence is still very noticeable in Lima.

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Casco Histórico (The Historic Centre)

Architectural luxury.

When you walk by the historic centre of Lima, remember that you're stepping on holy ground, especially around the area near the Church of Santa Ana where the natives used to go and tell their problems to the old oracle or "huaca" (a burial ground). After the Spanish conquest and subsequent viceroyalty, the native syncretism in the city was replaced by numerous Christian churches and luxurious architecture with large rows of balconies and aristocratic mansions that have lasted up to the present day. Its squares used to host bullfights and the executions undertaken by the Inquisition, whereas nowadays you'll walk by neo-colonial architecture and urban restructuring. The heart which is formed by 'la Plaza Mayor' (The Main Square) and the adjacent monuments beside 'la Plaza de San Martín' (St. Martin's Square) and 'la Plaza Santa Ana' (St. Ana's Square) form the historic centre named Cultural Heritage of Humanity at the beginning of the nineties.

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