Catedral de Lima (Cathedral of Lima)

A spectacular cathedral which has an air of Spanish conquest and has undergone many changes throughout its history.

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Catedral de Lima (Cathedral of Lima)

A mix of baroque, gothic and neoclassic.

The origin of the magnificent Cathedral of Lima, which you may visit nowadays, dates back to the period of the Spanish conquest when Francisco Pizarro made the native people abandon their beliefs and swear their loyalty. It's believed that the land where Pizarro put the first stones and planks of wood to build the first cathedral in 1535 was where the 'Puma-Inti' shrine was found - the divine figure of the Inca ruler. Since then, this church has gone through several changes and extensions to compete with the largest Spanish cathedrals until 1602, when they began to build using renaissance architecture with plateresque facades that lasted more than a century of construction and were demolished due to the earthquake of 1746. This explains why you can see so many architectural styles and different ornaments with baroque, gothic and neoclassic pieces, in the same cathedral.

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