Escape to these archaeological remains that haven't been exploited by tourism and are full of mysterious stories.

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Chavín de Huántar

A one-hour flight away.

If you want to visit a place which still isn't exploited by tourism and that's full of history and mysteries too, you can't miss the trip to the esoteric world of ‘Chavín de Huántar’ that's located near the town of Huaraz; an hour's flight away from Lima. These archaeological remains date back to the year 1500 BC, and more than just a small village, it was about a place of sacred worship which the farmers of that period used to go on a pilgrimage in order to consult an oracle. Among the pyramids, monoliths and mazes of ‘Chavín de Huántar’, priests used to live here permanently and they predicted droughts and rains during the year according to their observation of the stars and the behaviour of the animals. By means of a prior collection, they could help the pilgrims who came to the oracle in order to check the forecast.

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