You'll find catacombs, paintings, embossings and much more in one of the most majestic churches in the city.

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Convento de San Francisco (San Francisco Monastery)

Very rich interior.

One of the monuments which is a must-see during your visit to Lima is ‘el Convento de San Francisco’, which is a spectacular example of hispanic-Peruvian barroque architecture that, since the first chapel of the sixteenth century to its majestic contemporary look, it has gone through centuries of refurbishments, including those that were necessary after the earthquakes which completely demolished the monastery. The most interesting feature about this religious combination is its rich interior with procession floats embossed in silver and gold leafing, paintings from the school of Rubens, fine cloisters which hide the really beautiful gardens, an extraordinary library with scrolls and incunabulums that total 25,000 titles and most of all, you can visit its mysterious catacombs which have been in use since the opening of the cemetery in 1810. It is believed that the monastery's charnel house is home to more than 25,000 souls with geometrically arranged skulls and bones.

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