Huaca Huallamarca (also known as 'Pan de Azucar' or Sugar Loaf)

An archaeological treasure which is fortunately still standing … worthy of visits and praise!

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Huaca Huallamarca (also known as 'Pan de Azucar' or Sugar Loaf)

Unresolved mysteries.

One of the unsolved mysteries of the pre-Incan cultures of Lima is the ‘Huaca Huallamarca’, a monument that is located in the residential neighbourhood of San Isidro as a collection of architecture that's dominated by a truncated pyramid. Luckily, common sense had made the authorities preserve and restore this site which was meant to be originally used for ceremonial and funeral purposes, considering that there has been several attempts to clean the site at the beginning of the twentieth century and open a public park in its place. ‘La Huaca Huallamarca’ dates back to the first century Before Christ and and was abandoned by its people towards the third century AD for unknown reasons. They left ceramics, basic and agricultural tools and even rag dolls, but strangely enough, no weapons were left next to the deceased in their tombs where you can visit nowadays in the museum that is dedicated to the site's investigation.

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