The bustle of shops and restaurants where you can spend a tiring day.

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Jirón de la Unión (Jirón de la Unión Street)

Jironear' (getting dressed up to go and socialize with intellectuals and artists on this street) isn't fashionable anymore.

What was the most aristocratic street of the city at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the twentieth century, 'Jirón de la Unión', is now a pedestrian avenue of large shopping centres and establishments where you can taste the typical food of Peru. Apparently, the layout dates back to the time of the conqueror Pizarro, who ordered its distribution and even arranged where to place the 'Cabildo' (the town council), on the same piece of land where you can see it today. Around the 'Jirón' there used to be other streets that made reference to the merchants who settled in them, such as the 'calle Mercaderos' (Merchants Street) or 'calle Espaderos' (Swordsmith Street, which is called 'Block 5' nowadays), where daggers and swords were produced and sold from the 18th century. If up to 1950, it was fashionable to be dressed up and go socializing among intellectuals and artists who mixed with the cream of society, nowadays the walk is more humble and less aristocratic where you can simply spend an afternoon shopping.

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