Would you like mate, pure grains of cacao, medicinal herbs or vegetables? Voilà! You have found the best in the region.

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Bioferia de Miraflores (Miraflores Biofair)

Homemade remedies.

Did you know that the Indian concoction "Aceite de Sacha Inchi" (Oil of Sacha Inchi, which means strength of the Forest) is one of the oils with a higher percentage of Omega 3 or that mate fights asthma? And that Chewing pure cocoa grains is good for teeth? The farmers and horticulturists who participate in the 'Bioferia de Miraflores' will tell you all this in a street market, which is the organic heart of the city and takes place every Saturday morning. The prices are not cheap, but in exchange you'll have the healthiest fruits, vegetables, and even traditional medicinal herbs of the region, which are organically cultivated. The large influx of local buyers makes it very difficult to walk around the market at midday, so it's advisable to go first thing on Saturday morning. Goat cheese, nuts and handmade sweets are among the most popular products.

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