The museum's neo-renaissance aspect is a complete cultural example and its mission is to bring art nearer to the general public.

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Museo de Arte de Lima (Lima Museum of Art)


One of the cultural references of the city, the 'Museo de Arte de Lima' (MALI), combines its inner artistic wealth with a neo-renaissance palatial architecture that dates back to the 19th century and was already born with the aim of bringing art to the general public. The Exhibition Palace was built in 1871 with the iron mark of the Eiffel school of París and with the aim of hosting a collection inside that imitates the grand European universal exhibitions of the time. This is how the 'Gran Muestra de Arte, Ciencias e Industrias', (Grand Display of Art, Science and Industries), was made known and commemorated 50 years of Peru's independence. For a century, the Palace served as an art school, barracks, a hospital, and a parliament and council, until finally in 1953, it went back to prepare itself to be the art museum, which was its original purpose.

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