Interesting 'Bramante' Italian style influences and an interesting programme for blind people, check it out!

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Museo de Arte Italiano (The Museum of Italian Art)

A gift from Italy.

Peru has the cultural and economic support of the foreign communities that are established in the country, and so the 'Museo de Arte Italiano', proposed by the Italian Gino Salochi as a gift from the Italian community to Lima was to mark the celebration of the centenary of the independence of the country in 1921. The building has influences of the renaissance architect 'Bramante', the creator of St. Peter's Basilica, decorated with mosaics and heraldry of the main Italian regions, as well as a spectacular stained-glass window that is reminiscent of 'The Spring' by Botticelli. The collection that it contains has been formed by donations from patrons with important artistic representatives of the 20th century onwards. One of its curiosities is the 'Programa de visita guiada para invidentes' (Guided Tour Programme for the Blind), which for the first time in Lima and since 1998, allows blind visitors to touch - with special gloves - exhibited sculptures in the collection.

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