Would you like to see the state of a brain after consuming drugs? You can see it here with your own eyes!

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Museo de Cerebros (Brain Museum)

300 brains in sight!

A suitable exhibition for the brave or for those interested in science, located in the unusual 'Museo de Cerebros' in Lima, which as its name indicates, contains the brain matter of more than 300 human brains that were damaged by diseases or addictions. Another 2,880 are guarded in its deposit, extracted from authorized autopsies that were conducted from 1942 to the present day. The content of the visit is primarily educational and scientific as well as being much stronger than an anti-drug campaign, considering that it bluntly shows the damages that drugs do to the brain, with examples of aneurysms, tumours, foetuses with malformations and spinal cords. This stunning collection welcomes visitors with the head of a 60 year-old man with half of his face and hair while his other half reveals his bones and brain. They warn you that one or two people faint during the visit each month.

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