You'll soak yourself in 'Japoperuvian' culture and you'll realize the great importance that it has for the country.

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Museo de la Inmigración Japonesa (Museum of the Japanese Immigration)

Japanese and Peruvian relations.

The Japanese emigrants who arrived in Peru at the beginning of the twentieth century also have their own museum, which exhibits the close relationship between both communities and the migration phenomenon between them. The 'Museo de la Inmigración Japonesa' (known as 'Carlos Chiyoteru Hiraoka' in honour of a Japanese businessman) opened its doors in 1981 to commemorate the arrival of oriental immigrants in Peru. Initially he began his collection with objects, tools, photographs and museum items that were directly imported from Japan. Over the years, the donations from the 'Japoperuvian' families have been forming the actual permanent and temporary exhibitions, which analyze the relations between the two communities since the Second World War, the evolution of the two cultures through the 20th century and the Dekassegui phenomenon, i.e. the return of the descendants of emigrants to Japan when the crisis hit Latin America.

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