This park gives vital artistic importance to the city. Go for a short walk around it and you'll understand why.

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Parque de la Exposición (Exhibition Park)

Artistic centre.

The artistic centre of the city is curiously situated in the middle of a garden considering that the grand museums you can visit such as the Museum of Italian Art, the Metropolitan and the Museum of Art in Lima - are all in the surroundings of the 'Parque de la Exposición'. This park was opened in 1872 with the idea of hosting the Grand International Exhibition of Lima and from there, the 'Palacio de la Exposición' (The Exhibition Palace) was built. After overcoming centuries of recycling (it was a hospital and Peruvian quarters during the war with Chile and after the defeat, it was as a Chilean quarter), the idea of using the park for artistic purposes was taken up again in the twentieth century. At the present time, you can enjoy a pleasant stroll around its gardens, visit the museums nearby or admire the street artists who paint and sell in the vicinity.

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