No plans for Saturday night? Come on over to this park and enjoy its night life. You'll like it.

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Parque de la Muralla (The Park of the Wall)

The Protective Wall

The seventeenth century in Peru was a busy period of constant attacks by pirates and enemies of the Spanish viceroy, which generated the need to strenghten Lima with a wall of which some of its remains still stand today. Another problem that they had to solve was the rising of the Rímac River that flooded the streets and damaged the rudimentary foundations of buildings on more than one occasion, which is why dike walls were built next to the protective wall in order to withstand the floods. The Park of the Wall is an area, which forms part of the restoration programme of old Lima, and it has helped to maintain part of the fortification and to relaunch its touristic appeal. The best time to visit the park is at the weekend or at night when it's full of street musicians, outdoor activities and mysteriously lit up by its ancient stones.

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