Do you believe in eternity? Cross the bridge with your partner and lock a padlock to the bridge. You'll both be together forever!

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Puente de los Suspiros (The Bridge of Sighs)

Wishes granted.

As the tradition goes, if you cross the 'Puente de los Suspiros' for the first time without breathing and reach the other side, you can make a wish and it will be granted. It's only 30 metres long for joining Ayacucho Street with Ermita Street but it's advisable to take in a breath of air. Another tradition, which has become fashionable lately is the idea that, if you are travelling with your partner and leave a padlock locked to the bridge, you'll both be together forever. But first you'll have to find a space on the railing which will be an even harder challenge. The 'Puente de los Suspiros' was built in 1876 and has suffered hard times such as its blasting by Chilean troops during the Pacific War as well as an earthquake in 1940 which forced its restoration. Nowadays, it's one of the favoured spots for lovers due its beautiful scenery and where street musicians usually appear at sunset.

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