This museum boasts the professionalism of many archaeologists and researchers, taking 'Amat Olazábal' as an example.

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Museo Prehispánico Hernán Amat Olazábal (The Hernán Amat Olazábal Pre-Hispanic Museum)

In the purest style of Indiana Jones.

If you want to know how were the adventures of archaeologists and researchers that have been excavated in Peru, the best audiovisual tour of this generation of scientists is in the 'Museo Prehispánico Hernán Amat Olazábal', which is located in the district of 'Villa el Salvador'. The museum is named after the great Peruvian archaeologist who was responsible for the findings related to the pre-Inca culture ‘Chavín’ (developed around 1500 BC), as well as numerous investigations on the pre-Hispanic civilizations of that period. In this Museum, which has been in operation since 2001, you can explore various sections such as the one dedicated to ‘Machu Picchu’ with infographics and pictographs relative to the advanced ‘Moche’ civilization (from the second to the seventh centuries AD), including a reproduction of the regalia of the ‘Moche’ chief who was named 'Señor de Sipán' (Lord of Sipán), as well as a video library which brings together the documentaries based on the excavations and their discoveries.

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