Neo-colonial outside, French renaissance inside. Its eventful life is worth the visit.

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The Municipal Palace

The old farmyard with lamas.

Curiously, in the distant times of the Spanish conquest, the first town hall or council was established in Pizarro's house. What you see nowadays as the Municipal Palace, was actually a farmyard with lamas, which was property of another leader of that period back in 1548 and where the current building was to begin its construction. The rush to build the palace, together with the earth's formation and overuse (its row of balconies used to bear the weight of the council's men during parties, processions and bullfights) almost turned it into ruins within a few years. Several fires and floods later, the building survived how it could until a complete restoration of it was conducted in1939, adding a neo-colonial external appearance and a French renaissance style to its overelaborate interior. During your visit, you will also find the luxurious Municipal Library here with more than 15,000 titles.

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