The current official residence of the president of Peru has a long history. Suitable for visitors - that's for sure, but by the exterior only!

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The Presidential Palace

The president's house.

Apparently, the arrival of Spanish troops in Lima during the 16th century didn't only mean the pillaging of the indigenous lands and the desertification of the fruit gardens that they found (because they had no place to populate the city, according to the conquerer Francisco Pizarro). They also made symbolic confiscations such as the house of the local chief 'Taulichusco', where Viceroy's Palace was established and subsequently became the Presidential Palace, which currently serves as the residency for the government and the president of Peru. The present building has nothing to do with the first adobe house, which experienced several fires, earthquakes and wars. The design of the Presidential Palace that is maintained nowadays is the result of the restoration works that were carried out at the beginning of the 20th century. In any case, it's a monument that you will only be able to see from the outside.

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